The History of DirectAsia: A Timeline of Success in the Insurance Industry

The History of DirectAsia: A Timeline of Success in the Insurance Industry


DirectAsia has established itself as a prominent player in the insurance industry, offering innovative and customer-centric insurance solutions. In this blog post, we will take a journey through the history of DirectAsia, exploring their timeline of success and highlighting their key milestones.

The Early Years: Founding and Expansion (2008-2010)

How and when was DirectAsia founded?

DirectAsia was founded in 2008 and initially started as an online insurance provider in Singapore. The company aimed to challenge the traditional insurance model by providing transparent and affordable insurance coverage directly to customers, cutting out intermediaries.

When did DirectAsia expand its operations?

In 2010, DirectAsia expanded its operations beyond Singapore by launching in Hong Kong. This expansion allowed the company to tap into a new market and cater to the insurance needs of Hong Kong residents with the same customer-centric approach.

Establishing a Strong Presence: Achievements and Recognition (2011-2015)

What were some of DirectAsia’s achievements during this period?

During this period, DirectAsia achieved significant milestones that further solidified its position in the insurance industry. In 2011, it became the first online insurer to be granted a license by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This recognition affirmed DirectAsia’s commitment to providing reliable insurance services.

Did DirectAsia receive any awards during this time?

Yes, DirectAsia received several awards during this period. In 2013, it won the “Best Online Insurance Initiative” at the Asian Digital Media Awards, recognizing its innovative use of technology to enhance customer experience. Additionally, the company was named “Singapore’s Most Customer-Centric Insurance Brand” in 2015, further reinforcing its customer-first approach.

Expanding the Reach: Regional Expansion (2016-2020)

When did DirectAsia expand to Thailand and Vietnam?

In 2016, DirectAsia expanded its operations to Thailand, followed by Vietnam in 2018. These expansions allowed DirectAsia to serve a wider customer base and cater to the insurance needs of these growing markets.

How did DirectAsia adapt to the changing digital landscape?

DirectAsia continued to leverage technology to enhance its offerings and provide a seamless digital experience to customers. The company introduced a mobile app, making it easier for customers to manage their policies on the go.

Continued Success and Future Endeavors

What can we expect from DirectAsia in the future?

With a strong foundation and a customer-centric ethos, DirectAsia is well-positioned for continued success in the insurance industry. The company aims to further expand its presence across Southeast Asia and enhance its digital capabilities to meet evolving customer needs.

How is DirectAsia contributing to the insurance industry?

DirectAsia’s success story demonstrates how innovation and a customer-centric approach can disrupt traditional industries. By challenging the status quo and embracing technology, DirectAsia has set a benchmark for other insurance companies to follow, promoting greater transparency and affordable coverage for customers.


DirectAsia’s journey in the insurance industry showcases how a customer-centric approach combined with innovation and a focus on technology can lead to remarkable success. From its humble beginnings to its regional expansion, DirectAsia continues to redefine the insurance landscape, setting new standards for the industry.

By prioritizing customer needs and leveraging technology, DirectAsia has emerged as a trusted and reliable insurance provider in the market, paving the way for a bright future and continued growth.

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